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Your total computer recycling solution

What do you do when you have old technology that you don't need? Throw it out? Nope! That's a terrible idea! E-Waste is harmful for the planet, and leaves you vulnerable to data theft! For a safe, responsible way to dispose of your unwanted technology, turn to OmegaYellow Computer Recycling! We offer our innovative free electronics reycling for all your needs- from a single desktop to pallets of machines! We securely wipe or destroy all hard drives, so you can rest easy. For more information on recycling, feel free to give us a call or send us an E-Mail anytime!

And a Whole Lot More!

Northwestern Wyoming's Finest Computer Recycling

Doing a World of Good with our Innovative E-Waste Services

We've been taking the waste out of E-Waste for years! Whether you need pick-up service, drop-off service, or an on-site collection bin for regular pickup, we've got you covered with great service, multiple options for data security, and the friendly, local service that Wyoming is known for

On-Site Pickup

We understand that your time is valuable. Whether you have just a few pieces to recycle, or a whole truckload, we can meet your needs, with pickup services available in Wyoming, Montana, and Eastern Idaho. Our recycling is always free, but pickups may be subject to a pickup fee depending on location and volume

Dropoff Service

Do you want to bring your recyclables to us? We're glad to help! Just make an appointment, and we'll handle the rest! Drop-off recycling is always free

Collection Bin Service

When you have a lot of recyclables that need regular pickups, our bin service is the perfect fit! We can install bins in your location in a variety of sizes, and offer pickup service that's just right for your needs! We offer bins for laptop computers, desktop PCs, printers, cables, accessories, and a lot more! Utilizing bin service allows us to offer you our exceptional recycling solutions, at a minimal cost. Instead of needing a pickup for every item, we send a truck to collect from your bins on either a timed route schedule or an "on-call" solution

Freight Service

Wyoming is a very large state! What do you do if you're a long distance away, and want to use our recycling services? Freight shipping is a great option- you can palletize your E-Waste, and arrange for a freight pickup. Instead of driving a long distance to our facility, or paying for us to make a trip to your facility, you can utilize the power of lower cost freight shipping, while enjoying the great benefits of our E-Waste services. Often, the cost for shipping a pallet (or more) of E-Waste can be less than the cost of a pickup. And, we'll pick your pallet up at our local terminal in Powell for no cost!

Three options for assured data security

Data security is our our specialty! When you send your equipment in for recycling, do you know that your data is gone? With OmegaYellow's Computer Recycling, you do. We offer three options to ensure that your data will never be compromised.

Secure Wiping

Our standard option ensures that your hard drive can be reused whenever possible, while ensuring that your data is permanently destroyed. All drives are tested for health and functionality. Any drives that are not usable are destroyed, while good drives are wiped to meet or exceed Department of Defense wiping standards

Certified Destruction

Available for extra cost, we offer our destruction option. Our second option ensures that your hard drives are rendered into small metal pieces, permanently making your data unaccessable. This service is offered free of charge to all non-working drives that are recycled with us

Return Service

Do you want to ensure that your data is safe by keeping it? We've got you covered! Available for extra cost, we can remove your hard drives and package them for you to keep them. With this option, you are responsible for data security with your drives.

Asset Tracking

All three options offer our unparalleled hard drive asset tracking. We log all hard drives free of charge, and offer customized solutions tailored to your needs- whatever they may be!

The OmegaYellow Outlet Store- Your home for the ultimate in refurbished electronics

We've been offering our innovative E-Waste services since 2011. We love changing lives with the electronics that we recycle. The bet way to recycle is reuse. That's why we're proud of our outlet store. We offer a wide assortment of computers and accessories, along with service and support to back them up

Laptop Computers

Our laptops are the star of the show! It's easy to see why: Ourlaptops aren't just "refurbished", they're refurbished to our rigid standards. All laptops go thorugh our 27-point inspection before refurbishment. We replace and upgrade components as needed to ensure that your next laptop is built for today's demanding world. All of our laptops feature genuine Microsoft Windows 10 or Linux, and are ready to go to work or play when you leave the store

Desktop PCs

For work or play, our desktops are up to the task! We offer a wide assortment of machines, and can custom build a refurbished desktop to your needs. We offer countless upgrade options on our desktops. Whether you need a machine for work, or want a fast gaming computer to conquer the virtual battlefields, we've got you covered!


Looking for a printer for home or work? How about a keyboard or monitor? Or a set of speakers? Look no farther than the OmegaYellow Outlet Store. We've got you covered with the accessories that will take your computer ro the next level!

A Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

When you choose to shop at the OmegaYellow Outlet Store, you're shopping with a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher. This means that we've undergone extensive training and auditing, ensuring that you receive the quality you expect, powered by genuine Micosoft Windows software. The finest refurbished systems at unbeatable prices- there's only one choice: The OmegaYellow Outlet Store in Cody

Two Locations, Serving Northwestern Wyoming With Pride

Please call or E-Mail to make an appointment at either one of our locations

Greybull, WY- Flagship Recycling Facility

1409 US Highway 20
Greybull, WY 82426
(307) 202-0108

Cody, WY Outlet Store

1737 Sheridan Avenue
Suite #312
Cody, WY 82414
(307) 202-0108